My personal Hedge Fund

Hedge funds are no longer only for the richest. You too can think like a millionaire and invest in your own fund.

Have you always been wondering -

"Where can I get a high return on investment with limited risk?"

Read on. It is perfectly doable if you have the right tools and open mind.

From losing my job to my own profitable hedge fund.

We live in an eventful time where the stock market is behaving sluggishly and interest rates are at record lows. Low mortgage rates are great, but how do you actually make money? I confess. It is not easy to produce steady returns in the market if you are trading on your own.

If you want to avoid the pathetic returns from mutual funds or bank deposits, you should be thinking like the rich people do. The traditional wisdom says that high returns mean high risks also. But what if it was possible to enjoy great stable profits without the fear of losing your capital?

I never looked into the possibility of investing in a hedge fund. I simply did not possess the capital required. Fast forward to 2016 – Now I manage my own personal hedge fund that performs well regardless of the market condition. All I needed was to have access to the right software platform and a few hundreds of dollars for the deposit.

I am Mike. I used to work as a structural engineer in a job that provided me and my family with a decent lifestyle. Well, until the company I worked for decided to outsource a big part of its staff to a country with cheaper engineers.

Facing the looming possibilities of being laid off from my job, I have put all my hopes into online trading. After lot of research I thought that I was ready and I opened my first real trading account with $2000.

And I lost it all within weeks.

Fortunately I did not quit, I went back to studying the markets and my efforts paid off nicely in the end. You can read the full story here.

I figured out how to trade profitably and I was no longer afraid of losing my job. I was confident that I would be able to provide for my family without the day job and working for someone else.  Then I started thinking about a way how to grow my money in the same way that professionals do.

Warren Buffett has a net worth of $62.7 billion. George Soros has a net worth of $24.9 billion. Carl Icahn is worth $21.5 billion. John Paulson's $9.8 billion net worth is downright paltry by comparison.


What do these three gentlemen have in common, other than being absurdly wealthy?

They all made their fortunes investing.

These men, and thousands others like them, got rich by running their own hedge funds. You can too. 

How makes you joining hedge fund a smart investor:
  • Your money grows regardless of market conditions. Tested strategies of hedge fund perform well in both bull market and bear market. 
  • Superior returns on capital. You get much better returns than your friends who 'invest' their money in mutual funds or in savings account.
  • Safety of your capital. Hedge funds are run by professionals who have their money in the fund also.
  • You join a club of sophisticated investors. It is simple - Money always makes more money.
  • You eliminate stress and bad decisions from your trading. Let the professionals do the trade selection for you. You will no longer need to spend hours in the front of the computer screen.
  • Now your money works for you 24/7. The execution of strategies is automatic and fail-free. Finally you can earn money while you sleep.

What exactly is a Hedge Fund?

I am sure that you have heard about hedge funds in the past. They are funds that seek positive returns, regardless of the prevailing economic situation. Hedge funds also invest money in multiple assets, such as stocks, currencies and commodities. The name hedge derives from the fact that it is completely independent from the market situation.

Hedge funds are the number one investment choice for the world’s richest men.

For an ordinary citizen, investing in hedge funds is practically impossible to happen. There are strict regulations on who hedge funds can take as customers.

Up until recently, only the already very rich could join. I never played with a thought of being part of a hedge fund. But as the saying goes – Never say never. A contact of mine suggested me to try an investment tool called Binary Hedge Fund around June 2015. I have checked out the proposition and I was immediately hooked. And after almost a year of working with the Binary Hedge Fund I would like to sum up my experiences.

How do we benefit from Hedge Fund

Even the best trading strategies are not able to deal with 100 per cent of market conditions. There is always an event at some point when the strategy ends up making a loss – either a loss in the day’s profits, or in many cases, a string of losses, depending on the severity of the market volatility.

But by hedging your investment across multiple strategies, your overall profit can be massively improved. By splitting an investment across several platforms instead of just 1, the variation in the different trading approaches offers diversification and spreading of risk. So for example if Strategy A has a losing day, and Strategies B, C and D all have profitable days, the loss is mitigated and overall profit is generated.

The following chart shows the advantage of hedge fund compared to results of one single strategy. The equity is much smoother and the overall profit is bigger.

Tested trading strategies work well together in the hedge fund. The smooth equity curve means reduced drawdown, less stress and higher profits. I cannot complain about that.

I finally could free myself from worries about losing my job. It is a great feeling to be able to support yourself and your family, to be able to enjoy the fine side of life and luxury. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and a confidence boost. Now when asked at a cocktail party what I do for living, I  proudly answer: I manage my own money. It is a great conversation starter and I realized one thing: People have no idea what is possible if you have the right information and technology.

The Binary Hedge Fund

Binary Hedge Fund is a trading platform which I have been using for the past year or so. It manages multiple strategies on your behalf. After the initial setup it works on a remote server automatically. It is backed up in the cloud so you do not have to worry about the technical side of your trading operation. There is no need for a download as everything runs in the web browser.

The software manages signals from several tested trading algorithms and executes trades on your behalf automatically according to your preferences. The strategies are tested for different market conditions and they are managed by professional traders. You have the opportunity of selecting from five signal sources if you get access to the VIP account. It is free to try for a month if you make your deposit within a day of joining the fund.

The main screen. My deposit of $5000 produced a healthy profit within few months. I have no doubt it will continue in the profitable trend.

Trading opportunities are on a number of assets like commodities, currency pairs, stocks and indices - total of 18 assets.This helps for further spreading of the risks and better hedging of the overall portfolio.

You are also able to select the risk level you wish to apply by choosing from four different options High, Medium, Moderate and Low. This feature is very helpful since it helps traders have complete control and gives them the chance to achieve the best according to their appetite for risk. With the option to select the risk of trade, it makes new traders more relaxed and be able to enjoy trading and prevents them from losing their funds due to impulsiveness.

Level of risk, signal providers and expiry times.

The active trading feature is really useful for traders with busy schedules. You do not have to monitor the markets at all times. The software gives you the luxury of selecting your preferences and then automatically executes your trade on your behalf. I usually spend couple of minutes every few days with monitoring of the trades. There is really no need to spend more time because the whole portfolio is managed without my intervention. I often just check the platform quickly on my mobile phone.

What is my experience with Binary Hedge Fund

After approx. a year of actively investing with the Binary Hedge Fund, I am very satisfied with both the software functionality and its performance.

I am glad that I took the opportunity of becoming a part of the hedge fund. It is now a part of my overall investing portfolio. I have had a very successful year, my original deposit has doubled. I withdrew a part of it so now my investing is almost risk free. Earnings obviously depend on how much money you start with and on how much risk you tolerate. I started with the highest risk and now I am using the Level 3. I am very pleased with the results, considering how little time I have actually spent using the software.

One excellent feature is the money management. You can exactly define how much is the maximum daily stop loss and how much are you willing on each trade. If you are just starting, I suggest you to use the lowest values. You can always scale out later when you get more confident with the whole system.

Binary Hedge Fund goes so far in customization that, in case trader believes professionals aren’t right, there is the option of trading in the reverse direction.

What I like a lot is that it works independently. No long hours at the front of the computer screen are necessary. At the beginning I have spent few hours with checking performance of the strategies but after that no big commitment is necessary.

The other benefit I see is transparency. All the past trading signals are accessible in the platform, under ‘Trading history’ menu. This way you can confirm the credibility of trading signals and check how well the hedge fund has profited in the past.

I also like how the platform is connected with brokers. You can see all the past trades, open trades and account balances comfortably in the platform. I have opened my account with Banc de Binary but you have a choice of 4 brokers in total. I chose Banc de Binary because of it size and number of years they are on the market. I have never had any issues, both deposits and withdrawals* are smooth. You can still trade with the broker outside the hedge fund.

*If you want to enjoy swift withdrawal of your profits, be sure you verify your account fully. You will need to supply scanned ID, utility bill and credit card with covered data except your name and last four digits. This is to comply with the banking regulations. I have heard some stories about people who were unable to get the money out so please make sure you supply all the required documents to your broker.

Another great day for the hedge fund.

How to join Binary Hedge Fund

It is not necessary to have a lot of money to become part of Binary Hedge Fund. Registering is also very fast and it is simple. If for some reason the investor is not satisfied with the hedge fund performance, they can leave at any time or choose to do the opposite as to what the Binary Hedge Fund does. 

Open your Hedge Fund here.

At this time, Binary Hedge Fund is free. It might change in the future when joining will require a fee. Anyway, it depends on the management but for now it is open to anyone. The minimum invested amount is $200. If you deposit funds in May you get the VIP access for a month. The VIP is a very useful feature and I highly recommend getting it for free until it is still possible. It provides the detailed account management possibilities. Also more strategies to choose from, including the premium ones.


Binary hedge Fund is in my opinion very useful both for beginners and experienced investors. Based on almost a year of use, I did not really find anything to complain about. Now, for the first time, small investors can also access hedge fund trading, which professional investors have used for a long time.

Great performance, ease of use and sophisticated interface. All this make me to recommend Binary Hedge Fund wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to get decent return on capital - without spending hours in front of the computer.

If you have any questions regarding the fund send me a message through the form at the bottom of the page.

Regards, Mike


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