How to make your old, slow computer like-new again

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about anything new that has come along in technology, specifically a product that can really benefit many households that need an additional computer.

But that changed recently!

Now many of those households have an old computer in storage (or could get their hands on one) that they thought was no longer usable.

Would you believe that barely for a price of a pizza anyone could make that old, outdated computer useful again - while reducing the amount of electronics going into landfills?

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Xtra-PC has developed an easy way for people to restore old computers to run like new even if there is NO hard drive. This makes it possible for people to still use the old computers and laptops or make an useful donation to local church etc.

The tiny Xtra-PC device comes in three flavors with different storage size - 16/32/64 gigabytes:

Do you have an old computer that has become painfully slow, the operating is out of date, and you’re sure it is sick with a variety of viruses and malware? As frustrating as it is, do not throw away that computer yet. Now you can simply use this genius little Xtra-PC gadget to bypass all of the problems and make your computer useful again. Xtra-PC enables an inexpensive USB device to provide a new OS to run the computer even without the need for a hard drive!

Xtra-PC is built upon the proven OS, Linux, bypassing your old, slow, bloated Windows operating system to restore your computer’s speed and performance. It has the look and feel of your former Windows PC, and comes with many programs and utilities that enable you to do most of the same things you did on your older Windows based computer.

Here’s how it works.

Order the Xtra-PC, starting price for around $35. Take any old computer, laptop, desktop or netbook,with or without a hard drive, and make sure the computer is off. Your computer DOES need a USB port, but most computers built by 2004 will have this. Insert your Xtra-PC USB stick into the USB port. Turn on your computer. When the startup screen, the first screen, appears, you simply hit the boot menu key.

Easy installation: Simply plug Xtra-PC into an empty USB slot and turn the computer on.

For most computers, this will be F12, F11, F10, F9, F1 or ESC. Then simply select to boot in the USB. You will notice that Xtra-PC boots quickly, and the screen and operation will be easy to use. On first boot, Xtra-PC walked me through an easy one-time setup process to get things going.

My Xtra-PC came preloaded with helpful software that can be used right away:

  • Firefox Web Browser
  • OpenOffice for opening and editing Microsoft Office files (Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides)
  • Thunderbird Mail for email (if you don’t use web-based email like gmail, yahoo, or hotmail)
  • Photo Viewer
  • Media Player for watching movies
  • Audacious for playing music

Also you can install many other programs, with the same icons you are used to seeing on your computer now. I tried Facebook, Gmail, Minecraft, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix etc without any problem whatsoever. Watch the video:

What can you do with your computer running under the Xtra-PC operating system? About anything you would want to do. Windows specific programs won’t work, but there are alternate programs to do about anything and everything that Windows has to offer. For example, instead of Microsoft Office you will use Open Office. Other web-based products like Google Docs work just like you'd expect with any other operating system. You now have a clean computer that is free of viruses and malware.

You can run your wireless keyboard and/or mouse and you can install Skype. If this is your old computer and you have kept the hard drive in, you can access your music and pictures on your hard drive. It supports your webcam, and multiple monitors. It comes with a lot of great programs you can run right from the USB stick.

What else can you do?

Anything you probably did before.
Surf the web, play games, watch videos, shop, post to social media, etc. What about storage? If you have removed your hard drives, how much storage does Xtra-PC have? The Turbo model comes with 16GB of extra storage for an additional $15, and the Xtra-PC Pro comes with 64 GB of data for a price of just $49.99!

Want to watch a DVD? Most new computers don’t come with a DVD player, but almost all of those old computers had one. With Xtra-PC, you can now watch movies on your computer again. Not a moviebuff? No problem, you can load the Kindle viewer and read your favorite book.

    100% MONEY BACK 

If you’re reading this and you’re skeptical, Xtra-PC comes with a 30-day risk free money back guarantee. Xtra-PC also provides support—perfect for non-technical people who need an extra computer that's less likely to get viruses.

Additional advantages:

Imagine if you personalized the set up in Xtra-PC, and stored your own files, games, pictures, music, etc.,on the Turbo version. Simply pull the USB and drop it in a pocket. Where ever you go, a computer with a USB port is most likely available. Put your USB stick in, boot the computer, and select the computer to boot to your USB stick.

Your favorite bookmarks are already set in your browser, or your favorite music is just a click away, even though you might be across the nation or world using someone else’s computer!

What do I like about Xtra-PC?

  • Easy to use - Simply insert your Xtra-PC into a USB port, turn the computer on, hit the boot menu key, and go.
  • Affordable - Why invest in a new computer when you can transform your old computer into a like-new one for under $35.
  • Guarantee - If you're not satisfied for any reason, simply send it back for a full refund within 30 days.
  • Genius idea - any old or slow computer now can run almost like new just by using a tiny gadget.

Special Offer:

As of yoday, you can still get an Xtra-PC with 16GB of storage for 30% OFF! For only $34.99, you can:

  • Resurrect your “dead” computer
  • Save money on diagnostics and repairs
  • Keep all your files and favorite programs
  • Get up and running in minutes!

Get yours before this offer ends!

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How to make your old, slow computer like-new again
Would you believe that barely for a price of a pizza anyone could make that old, outdated computer useful again - while reducing the amount of electronics going into landfills?
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